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Van Every Newsletter October 15th-19th
Due Date: 10/14/2018
Subject: 2nd Grade

Van Every Newsletter

October 15th-19th

Our Class Star Student is Coleman!

Reading:We will focus on identifying and using text features and context clues.  Answer who, what, when, where, why, and how questions about nonfiction text using details from the text. Students will identify identify the main idea and supporting details of a text.  Describe how words / phrases supply meaning to an informational text.Describe nonfiction text features, describe the author’s purpose of different text (Persuade, Inform, Entertain = PIE). Use details to support the author’s points, use context clues in a text to understand unknown words.  

Writing:Visualizing to get ideas, writing about fun times outdoors, rereading, telling more, and adding details.

Grammar: Identify proper and common nouns.  Identify and use singular and irregular nouns.

EPIC-Epic is the online reading program we will be using in class this year.  You should be able to click on the “class code” and enter our class code. Then your child can find his/her name.  The code is taped inside the red folder.

Vocabulary Words:

Shimmer- shine with a soft twinkling light.


Expand-grow bigger

Stream-steady flow or movement of something

Teamwork-work of a team or group, that is acting toghetherto get something done

Damp-a little wet

Regularly-doing something a lot and often at the same time or in the same way

Gleam-glow or shine

 Math:Tell and write time from analog and digital clocks to the nearest five minutes, using a.m. and p.m.

  IXL MATH:IXL Math information is taped inside your child’s red take home folder.  Use the username and password to accessIXL.  Work on Lessons

 Q.2, Q.3, Q.6, and Q.7.

 Spelling Words

1.see         11.five
2.hear      12.lines
5.don’t     15.once
6.both     16.son
7.been     17.mean
8.oh        18.feet
9.time     19.half

Science:Study of: Sun, Moon, & Stars


Monday- Complete the homework sheet. 

Tuesday- Get your graded papers signed. Go over what you missed and learn from your mistakes!!!  Complete the Homework sheet.

Wednesday- Study spelling words, vocabulary words,  and additionmath facts.

Thursday-Complete the readingand spelling sheets.


Upcoming Tests

*Spelling Test-Friday-Friday the students will be tested on 15 words with spelling patterns we have been studying.

*Math Timed Quiz-We will  have our timed fact fluency quiz.

Vocabulary Test-We will take a vocabulary test on the words from last week and this week.  

Text Feature Test- (Rubric) Students will identify text features and their purpose.

Important Dates:

*Remember to wear Tennis Shoes on Thursday!!!

-Epic and IXL info is taped in your folder.

*YEARBOOK Sales for $35 - 9/6-12/15

*10/19 Honor Roll Party!

*10/19-Science Fair topics are due.*10/23 PTA meeting @6:00

*10/24 Wear Orange!!  National Bullying Unity Day!

*10/25-Makeo-up Picture Day!

*10/26 P.J./Hat Day Bring a $1!

10/30-Halloween Treats are due!  

10/31-Book Character Parade! Dress up like your favorite book character.

*Please no check outs after 2:00.

*Lunch 11:10-11:35