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Van Every's Newsletter November 13-November 18th
Due Date: 11/13/2017
Subject: 2nd Grade

Our “STAR STUDENT" is Kerrigan!


Cole,Adam, and Grace

ELA Skills/& Standards

Reading:    Identify and use nonfiction text features.  (title page, table of contents, headings, subheadings, photographs, illustrations, text boxes, captions, glossary, index)  We will review the author’s purpose for writing a text.  (to persuade, to inform, or to entertain)  We will finish testing on this Monday and Tuesday. We will begin talking about the central message or lesson and moral in the story in fables, folktales, and tall tales .RL2.2  We will look at the difference in point of views and how characters respond differently through what they feel, do, or say.RL2.3 & RL2.6  We will compare and contrast two or more versions of the same story.RL2.9

Writing: We will continue writing narrative stories with a topic sentence, several details, and a conclusion.(W.2.3), We will revise and edit to get our final published piece for a grade. (W.2.5)  We will begin writing friendly letters.


Grammar:  Identify and use verbs.  We will identify and use action verbs and linking verbs(am,is, are, was, were.)  We will also identify past, present, and future verbs.


1.part       11.each

2.far        12. turn

3.think      13. gone

4.same      14.word

5.friend     15.sure

6.give       16.work

7.live        17.large

8.front      18.sea

9.girl        19.climb

10.her       20.none


dash-run very quickly  

approach-move closer to someone or something.

gobble-eat food quickly without chewing it very much.  It is also a noise a turkey makes.

rude-not polite, not respectful of others

solid- hard and firm

mushy-soft and wet like mush

slurp- eat or drink something in a noisy way.

dull-not bright, colorful, or shiny.  boring or not interesting or exciting.

Friday we will take a vocabulary test!

Math:  Use addition and subtraction within 100 to solve one step word problems with the unknown number in any position. Use a number line to add and subtract numbers to 50.  Fluently add and subtract strategies on place value, properties of operation, and the relationship between addition and subtraction.  Our timed test will be mixed with addition and subtraction!

Homework: November 13th-17th

Monday- Complete the math, reading, and Language sheet.

Tuesday-  Complete the reading sheet.  Get your graded papers Go over what you missed and learn from your mistakes!!!  

Wednesday- Study spelling and vocabulary words.

Thursday-Complete the homework and spelling sheets.

Upcoming Tests:

Friday- We will  have our MIXED timed fact fluency quiz. Students will work 25 subtraction/addition facts in 5 minutes.  Spelling Test-Friday the students will be tested on 15 words with spelling patterns we

Important Dates:

*Remember to wear Tennis Shoes on Tuesday!!!

*YEARBOOK Sales for $35 - 9/6-12/15 

*November 17th- Graceland field trip and permission forms are due!

**November 17th Scholastic forms are Due!!

*November 20th-24th -No School!!  

Thanksgiving Holidays!

*Nov.30th-Field Trip to Graceland!