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December 10th-30th
Due Date: 12/10/2018
Subject: 2nd Grade



                                                                  Van Every's Newsletter

December 10th-18th

Our Star Student will be Jordan Nichols!

Happy Birthday to Brock Biggs!



Wish List Items:

    Treasure Box Items

    colored copy paper

Glue sticks    

ELA Standards & Skills:


Reading:We will focus on understanding the central message of a story and understand how characters respond to events in a story.  We will answering who, what, when, where, why, and how questions abouta storyusing details from the text.  Students willunderstand and retell the beginning, middle, and end of a story. Discuss and understand the different view points of different characters.  We will compare and contrast details of a story or two versions of a story.  RL2.2, 2.3, 2.6. 2.9




Writing: Completing published personal narratives.




Grammar: Present,past, and future tense verbs. We will take a test this week. 

SPELLING: There are no spelling words for this week.  We will review all of our previously learned words in January for our Review Week in Spelling.

Vocabulary Words: No new vocabulary words for this week!

 Math: We will continue counting money and its value. Students will count mixed coin amounts up to $1.00.  Complete one step word problems using coin combinations.  Add and subtract with and without regrouping.  Use open number lines. 20A.1, 2.NBT.5 2.MD.6

 IXL MATH: IXL Math information is taped inside your child’s red take home folder.  Use the username and password to accessIXL.  Work on Lessons

 G.5, G.6, G.9 & H.5, H.6, H.9 (2 weeks) Money P.1, P.4, P.18


Science:Rocks, Minerals, and soil



Monday- Complete the language sheet.


Tuesday-Get your graded papers signed.  Go over what you missed and learn from your

                mistakes! Complete the homework sheet.


Wednesday-Turn your wrapped book for the book exchange if you have not already

                     done so.


Thursday- Complete thereadingsheets.




Upcoming Tests


*Reading Comprehension Test- We will finish a reading comprehension test on Monday. 


*Math Test We will take a math test on money and word problems on Friday.


*Personal Narrative Writing- We will be working daily on completing a personal narrative writing piece about a special holiday memory. 


*Verb Test-We will complete a verb test on Monday or Tuesday of this week.

Important Dates:

*Remember to wear Tennis Shoes on Thursday!!!

*YEARBOOK Sales for $35 9/6-12/14

*Please send a wrapped book for the Christmas Book Exchange by December 14th.  Girls will exchange with girls.  Boys will exchange with boys.

*12/10-12/14-No lunch Visitors!

*12/14 Last day to buy a yearbook!

*12/14 PJ/Hat Day bring $1

*12/17 Turn in all Christmas Party Supplies.

*12/18-Christmas Party-12:00-12:45.

             All parents are invited to attend the Christmas party!

*1/3 Students’ first day back!

*1/3 –Report Cards

*1/24 –The Big Class Picture!  It is the group picture!