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Van Every's Newsletter 16th-20th
Due Date: 4/15/2018
Subject: 2nd Grade


April 16th-20th Newsletter



 Come see the 2nd  Grade Play, The Jungle Book! 

Please be here early. 

I recommend being here early and sitting front and center!!     

 ELA Skills &Standards:

*Reading: RL 2.1, 2.3, 2.4, 2.6 

The student will use context clues in a sentence to infer the meanings of unknown words or phrases.  We will practice context clues with prefixes, suffixes, and homophones. 

We have begun a chapter study of “The Jungle Book,” by Rudyard Kipling.  We will be focusing on different standards in our lessons stemming from the book.

  • The students will also focus on understanding and answering questions involving poetry, identifying and using figurative language, asking and answering the five W’s and 1H questions, and reflecting on character responses and point of view. We will finish our poetry test on Monday. 
  • *Grammar:  We will introduce commas in a series & apostrophes in contractions.

*Writing:Students will learn about Opinion writing and write an opinion     




NO New Vocabulary this week.

We will pick up with vocabulary next week.



2.G.2, 2.OA.4 (continued) and introduce2.G.3

Partition circles & rectangles into 2, 3, and 4 equal shares; fractions – halves, thirds, fourths, Partition a rectangle into rows/columns of the same size; Use addition to find the total number of objects arranged in arrays with up to 5 rows and 5 columns.


 1.point  11.found

 2.boy    12.down

 3.might  13.whole


 5.learn   15.piece   16.pie

 7.water   17.oil   18.voice     19.woman

 10.out    20.women


Science/Social Studies: The Study of India

                      Animal Habitats/Rainforest

                             Jungle Animals


* Please remember IXL and Myon information is in your red folder for extra  

  reinforcement and practice.



Monday-  Complete the sheet on fractions.  Go to bed early.  We will take the Case 21  

                 Math test tomorrow.

Tuesday-  Complete the math sheets. Get your graded papers signed.  Go over what

                  you missed and learn from your mistakes.

Wednesday- Go to bed early!!  The big show is tomorrow  

                     night at 6p.m.!!

Thursday- The 2nd Grade Jungle Book show starts at 6p.m.

                  Be here at 5:15!!!  Parents need to be early to 

                  get a good seat!!

Friday - Have a great weekend!  


Upcoming Tests :

Tuesday: Math Quiz (partitioning & fractions)

Thursday: Practice Spelling Test

Friday:  Math Test on Fractions