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Van Every Newsletter November 12th-16th
Due Date: 11/12/2018
Subject: 2nd Grade



ELA Standards & Skills:

Reading:We will focus on answering who, what, when, where, why, and how questions abouta story using details from the text.  Students willunderstand and retell the beginning, middle, and end of a story. Discuss and understand how illustrations contribute to the meaning of a story.  RL2.1, 2.3, 2.5, 2.7

 Science: ROCKS

Writing: Write a personal narrative.


Grammar: Verbs present and past tense. 


Math- Complete one step word problems.  Add and subtract with and without regrouping.  Use open number lines. 20A.1, 2.NBT.52.MD.6

 Spelling Test

1.or       11.same
2.more     12.think
3.short    13.give
4.for       14.friend
5.four      15.front
9.far        19.prove
10.part    20.fourth

Vocabulary Words:

terriblevery bad, horrible, or awful

terrific-very good, wonderful, or great

grumble-complain about something in a grouchy voice

stream-steady flow or movement of something

scrunch-squeeze or crush

discover-see or find out something for the very first time

behave-do or say something in a particular way

misbehave-behave badly

racket: very loud noises


  IXL MATH:IXL Math information is taped inside your child’s red take home folder.  Use the username and password to accessIXL.  Work on Lessons

 G.5, G.6, G.9 & H.5, H.6, H.9 (2 weeks)



Monday- Complete the homework sheet. 

Tuesday- Get your graded papers signed. Go over what you missed and learn from your mistakes!!!  Go to bed early!!  We take the NWEA MAP ELA/Reading test tomorrow at 12:30.

Wednesday- Study spelling words, vocabulary words,  and additionmath facts.

Thursday-Complete the mathand spelling sheets.  

Upcoming Tests


*Spelling Test-Friday-Friday the students will be tested on 15 words with spelling patterns we have been studying.


*Math Timed Quiz-We will  have our timed fact fluency quiz.


Vocabulary Test-We will take a vocabulary test on the words from last week and this week.  


Math-We will take a math quiz on word problems.

Important Dates:

*11/14 We will take the MAP test on the computer for reading!  Go to bed early and eat a good breakfast.

*11/27 We will take the Math MAP test on the computer. Go to bed early and eat a good breakfast.

* 11/15 Scholastic Orders are Due!  Last Chance to order books before Christmas!

*Remember to wear Tennis Shoes on Thursday!!!

*YEARBOOK Sales for $35 9/6-12/15

*11/19-11/23 Thanksgiving Break!  No School!

*11/29-Holiday at the Hills-6:00-7:30

*12/4 Science Fair Projects are due!

12/18-Christmas Party-12:00-12:45.