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Van Every's Newsletter September 17th-21st
Due Date: 9/16/2018
Subject: 2nd Grade

Van Every's Newsletter for September 17th-22nd

Happy Birthday to Trinitie & Guy! 

ELA Skills/& Standards

Reading: Identify the author’s purpose for writing a story (to inform, to entertain, or to persuade).  Identify and use nonfiction text features: table of contents, title page, headings, subheadings,illustrations, text boxes, glossary, index.  We will review the point of view and answering the 5 W questions, from a nonfiction story. Determine the central message of a story. We will compare characters and fiction stories. 

Writing: We will continue writing narrative stories with a topic sentence, several details, and a conclusion.(W.2.3), We will revise/edit with help from teachers and peers.(W.2.5)

 Grammar: We will review compound words and their meanings. We will write simple and compound sentences.  The student will use a comma and a conjunction (for, and, nor, but, or, yet) to write compound sentences.  

Ex. I want to go outside, but it is raining.


unwelcome-not wanted

variety-many different kinds

consume-eat or drink something or use something up

characteristics-something that describes a person or thing

Grip- hold something very tightly

Embarrass-make someone feel ashamed or  uncomfortable

Huddle-move in close to someone or crowd together in a 

                  tight group.

Prepare-get ready to do something or make something ready

Math: solve one step addition and subtraction word problems.

 We will take a timed addition fact quiz.(2.0A.1)(25 addition facts in 5 minutes)


1.tells       11.left

2.tops      12.just

3.helps     13.two


5.she        15.there

6.has        16.were

7.come     17.match

8.some     18.length

10.ask      20.breaks


Monday- Complete the homework sheet. 

Tuesday- School pictures are tomorrow!!  Get your progress graded papers signed. Go over what you missed and learn from your mistakes!!!  Complete the Homework sheet.

Wednesday- Study spelling, vocabulary words, and math facts.

Thursday- Complete the math and spelling sheets.

Upcoming Tests

*Spelling Test-Friday- Friday the students will be tested on 15 words. Two words will be from spelling patterns we have been studying.

*Math Quiz- Friday- We will take a math quiz on one step word problems *Math Timed Test-We will also have our timed fact fluency quiz.  Students will work 25 addition facts in 5 minutes.

  *Language test- Simple and Complex Sentences

Important Dates:

*Remember to wear Tennis Shoes on Thursday!!!

-September 19th-Fall School Pictures!

*9/27-Science Fair Permission forms are due.

*YEARBOOK Sales for $35 will be going on   


*10/9-10/12 Spirit 


*September 28th-Bring $1 for the PTA and wear P.J.’s all day!!

*Remember to save and turn in box tops.

*2nd grade fees are $15.20.  Please make checks payable to Hernando Hills Elementary.

*No early checkouts  

   after 2:00.               -  

  *Lunch guests are 

  welcome to join us from 11:10-11:35 each 

  day. We love visitors!

10/8 Columbus Day- No School!