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Due Date: 1/26/2018
Subject: 2nd Grade

January 19th-26th Newsletter

The Star Student this week will be Mando Ries!


 ELA Skills &Standards:

*Reading: RL2.1, RI2.1, 2.6, 2.9

Students will Recall information and answer questions using details from a fiction and non-fiction text, identify the author’s main purpose of a text,  and compare and contrast the most important points presented by two texts on the same topic.  We will also begin discussing biography pieces as well as hear and discuss nonfiction text. 

*Grammar:  Review of verb tenses – 

               past, present, future

*Writing: We will explore features of nonfiction books, write questions, facts, expository nonfiction, and functional nonfiction, and draw illustrations that correspond or add to their writing. We will begin writing  biographies.

Spelling Words:

  1. road       11.came
  2. own        12.air
  3. show      13.great
  4. home      14.move
  5. most       15.poor
  6. old          16.door
  7. told         17.boat
  8. only        18.grow
  9. way        19.truth
  10. rain        20.toe   


    insist-demand or ask for something very firmly.

    create-make something new

    predict-say what you think will happen in the future

    fabulous-wonderful or terrific

    occasionally – once in a while, but not often

    encourage – give someone confidence by praising or 

                       helping the person 

    disapprove – to not agree with something;

                     to think it is bad or wrong 

    approveto agree with something; to think it is good or right


    Math:  We will be counting money!  Use addition and 

    subtraction with money to solve simple 2 step word problems.(2.MD.8a, 2.OA.1)   The math fluency timed test will have 40 addition problems adding up to 18. 

    Science/Social Studies:


          * Please remember IXL and Myon information is in your red folder for extra    reinforcement  and practice..

  11. Homework:

  12. Monday- Complete the homework sheet.

    Tuesday- Complete the reading sheet.  Get your graded 

    papers signed.  Go over what you missed and learn from your mistakes.  

    Wednesday-Study spelling & vocabulary words. 

    Thursday-Complete the homework sheets.

    Friday - Have a good weekend!

    Upcoming Tests :

    Reading: Comprehension Test on Friday.

    Vocabulary-We will take a vocabulary test on Friday, January 26th.

    MATH- We will take a Test on solving word problems with money with addition or subtraction on Friday.  Our timed addition test will be on Thursday this semester.

    Spelling Test- Students will be expected to write two complete sentences with capital letters and correct punctuation mark, and include at least 5 words spelled correctly.  We will begin taking our spelling test on Thursday of each week this semester due to the spotlight schedule.