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van Every's Newsletter January 14th-18th
Due Date: 1/13/2019
Subject: 2nd Grade

Van Every's Newsletter January 14th-18th

Our Star Student is Ethan Oliver!    


                 Wish List Items:

                 cap erasers

                 glue sticks

                   colored paper   


 ELA Standards & Skills:

Reading:RL2.1,RI2.1, 2.3, 2.6,2.8, 2.9  Use details to answer questions concerning the 5 w’s about fiction and non fiction text (Biographies), understand and use timelines, understand an author’s purpose and supporting points for multi-paragraph texts, be able to compare and contrast two informational pieces on the same topic.

Writing: Begin Biography Writing Pieces.


Grammar: Present,past, and future tense verbs.  We will introduce irregular past tense verbs.


Spelling Words:


1.too       11.home


3.rule       13.old      14.most   15.only


6.true       16.told       17.few


8.heart     18.choose


9.own       19.fruit


10.road    20.Tuesday

Vocabulary Words:

*insist-demand or ask something very firmly

*create-make something new

*predict-say what you think will happen in the future

*fabulous-wonderful or terrific

Last Week’s words

*Occasionally- once in a while; not very often

*Encourage-give someone confidence (belief in himself or herself) by praising or

                    helping the person

*disapprove-to not agree with; think it is wrong

*approve-to agree with: think it is good or right

Math- We will continue counting money and its Value. Students will count mixed coin amounts up to $5.00. Complete one step word problems using coin combinations and adding money up to 100.  Add and subtract with and without regrouping.  20A.1,2.MD.8a

 IXL MATH:IXL Math information is taped inside your child’s red take home folder.  Use the username and password to accessIXL.  Work on Lessons.Money P.1, P.4, P.18,P.13,P14,&P15


Science:Rocks, Minerals, and soil, geologists, sand, and weathering




Monday- Complete thetimeline readingsheet.


Tuesday-Completethe mathsheet. 


Wednesday-What will you wear to celebrate the 100th Day of school tomorrow?  


*Study spelling, math facts, and vocabulary!


Thursday-Complete the homework sheets.



Upcoming Tests


Math Test We will take a math teston money word problems on Friday.


Math Fact Fluency-We will take a fact fluency test on addition.  There will be 50 problems to complete within 5 minutes.


Spelling Test-We will take a spelling test on Friday.  Students will now be graded on using spelling words to write 2 complete sentences.  The sentence needs to have at least 5 words.  Remember to use a capital letter and an ending punctuation mark.

Important Dates:

*Remember to wear Tennis Shoes on Thursday!!!

*1/17 100th Day of School!  Wear a shirt, hat, or other with 100 things on it!  Have fun!

1/21-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday! No School!

1/24 –The Big Class Picture!  It is the group picture!

1/25-Jungle Book Audition forms are due!

1/25-Honor Roll Party!

1/28-Jungle Book Auditions!  Be Prepared!

2/15 Professional Development Day.  No School!

2/18 President’s Day Holiday!  No School!

*Please remember there are no check-outs after 2:00.

*Spotlight will meet on Mondays this semester.