Mrs. Carla Lee Smith

Special Education, LSC

662-429-9117 ext 1309

About the Teacher/Welcome Msg


Welcome to Hernando Hills Elementary. My name is Carla Smith and I will be involved in your child's education. I feel it's important you know something about my personal and professional background. My husband,Mark, and I have been married 25 yrs. He is in his 12th year of teaching. We have three beautiful children, Dalton 23, out of school and running his own business, Dylan 21freshman at NWCC and Weslie 19, she is a Freshman at JeffCO in MO. Hernando is my hometown, so I'm proud to give back to the community that gave so much to me.

I am a graduate of Hernando High, Mississippi State (sorry Ole Miss fans) and Blue Mountain College, and recently received my master in special education in May of 2019 from Mississippi College.  This is the start of my 26th year as a teacher. I taught kindergarten for 10 years and moved up to third grade. Several years ago, I decided to work with the younger group again and so I made the move to second grade.  Then seven years ago, Mrs. Gilder asked me if I would consider teaching Special Education.  So, here I am!

My classroom philosophy is that all children can learn in an environment conductive to learning. A proper environment is one that is safe, organized, has clear expectations, and strives to help students find joy in learning.

I am excited about this year and look forward to growing as a class and welcoming all of you as a new addition to my family.

Welcome, if you have any concerns or comments, you can reach me at 429-9117 ext. 1309.

Thank you for your support and giving me the opportunity to teach and work with your children.

Respectfully, Carla Smith


Our Daily Schedule:

Work on reading 25 minutes Daily, practice multiplication facts.







DCS is working on getting things set-up so we can continue to communicate and work with each student as we all adjust to the virus.

Places to go for active learning online:  NOTE:  if anything is down and not working, please let me know and I will and I will take it off.


All Subjects

Money pennies, nickels, dimes buy items exact amount (Very easy)
(buying items)
(Counting money)
(Counting money)
(buying items) (counting money)
(matching coin names/cents



Possessive Adjectives

Comparative and superlative adjectives

Writing Directions

Writing a Descriptive Paragraph

Scholastic Book Club

Class Calendar