Car Rider Rules and Procedures

·        Have patience at the beginning of the year as we all get into new routines!

·        ALL vehicles must enter the north entrance. 

·        Please yield to buses as they have strict schedules to adhere to.

·        2nd grade car riders will pull to the front of the school (gold arrows).  Students need to unload from driver’s side in back seat. Students WILL NOT be allowed to cross between vehicles. We load on driver side only – please adjust safety locks and car seats accordingly.

·        3rd grade car riders will circle around the back of the school (green arrows) and unload/pick up by the canopy close to the playground.  We load on passenger side only – please adjust safety locks and car seats accordingly

·        If you have students in both grades, please follow 3rd grade car rider procedures.

·        Make sure your child knows each day how they will be getting home.  If plans change, please send a note to your teacher or call the front desk 662-429-9117 by 2:00. 

·        An HHES car tag is REQUIRED to ensure the safety of our students. 

·        All families will receive 1 car tag.  Additional tags must be requested from your child’s teacher.

·        These MUST be hung from the rearview mirror so student names are VISIBLE to staff. They must REMAIN visibly hanging until your child is loaded into your vehicle.

·        If you lost or forgot your sign, or another authorized person is picking up your child, DO NOT get into the car line – Go directly to the front office and present ID to claim your child.

·        If parking cones are out, please DO NOT go around them.  Wait behind them until they are moved.  These are placed for the safety and privacy of our children on the playground and loading buses.

·        Most importantly, for the safety of students and faculty, please refrain from cell phone usage when in car line!

car line map