Ms. Emily Moore
2nd Grade
662-429-9117 ext 1306
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About the Teacher


My name is Emily Moore. I am excited to be your child's 2nd grade teacher. This is my sixth year at Hernando Hills, and I am looking forward to a great year.  I have lived in DeSoto County most of my life and have raised my family here. I have four daughters,(Peyton, Jayden, Mady, & Charly) a son-in-law, (Matt) a very cool grandson (Knox) and a brand new beautiful grandgirl (Nora).


Daily Lesson Plans

What's Happening:

I know this is all new to everyone! Thank you for being patient while the hard decisions are made this week and the weeks to come. (I am so thankful I am not in charge of the decision making).

A quick message to all my babies:

Please know how much I miss yall and would do anything to be able to be back in our room. I miss yalls smiles, yalls hugs, yalls stories and even yalls loud at this point :)

I do not have the answers to most questions right now, but I will pass along any information I receive as soon as I know. Thank yall all for being so flexible and helpful as we charter into unknown territory.

Please send pictures or text or emails or messenger pigeons or smoke signals or whatever ya got... I just miss yall!

Stay safe and wash your hands and know yall are loved more than you know and I am praying for yall every single day!



Weekly Skills


Ask & answer who, what, when, where, why, and how questions

Identify the main topic of a paragraph

Know & use various text features in non-fiction text

Explain how images clarify a text

Describe how reasons support specific points

Use context clues to understand the meaning of words



·        Solve three digit addition & subtraction problems

·        Solve word problems with 2 & 3 digit numbers



out, how, down, found, seven, whole, pie, piece, running, stopped, inches, getting, done, can’t, any, warm, house, brown, bread, whose



Attach: fasten or join together

Flexible: easy to bend

Beneficial: good for you

Precaution: something you do to keep something bad from happening


·        Animal habitats

·        Map 


Class Schedule

7:45-10:40: ELA

10:40-11:20: Activity

11:20-11:25: Health

11:25-11:50: Lunch

11:50-12:10: ELA

12:10-12:20: Health

12:20-12:40: Recess

12:40-1:10: Science/Social Studies

1:10-2:40: Math

 Activity Schedule

Monday: Computer

Tuesday: Library

Wednesday: Music

Thursday: PE- don't forget your tennis shoes





Class Calendar