Mrs. Janet Williams
2nd Grade
Extra Online Resources

Click the link below to go to the Mississippi Department of Education Website for ideas to help support student learning during the extended school closure.

662-429-9117 ext 1306

Daily Lesson Plans





Good morning. Hope you are all working on your assignments. Remember you may not be able to get it all done or even work on it everyday but do what you can. I am working on the video. Trying to make sure of copy right laws but I hope to have one posted later today. I will let you know when. If you need help with anything or have trouble with any of the online sites please send me a message. Give the kiddos a hug from me and keep sending me pictures. Miss you all and praying we are back together soon.


We are adding in a new reading/math program this week that is fun and engaging for students! This site is There is a parent introduction note that is found at the top of the list of this week's lessons.   The new site will not be on the agenda until Thursday, but feel free to log-in and explore before then if you'd like!


I will also be posting a a daily writing prompt so you can practice writing. If you can send me what you write. The new writing prompt is listed below



3/30-Compare and contrast having class at home and class at school.  Which do you think is better? Why?


3/31-Write about a trick you would like to play on your mom or dad.


4/1-Write about a trick you would like to play on your mom or dad.


4/2-You found a magic wand!  What would you do with it?



-Students login with their MSIS number/ lunch number that they should have memorized. I can provide if needed.



-Student logins are first initial and last name- ex. janetwilliams@hhe

All passwords are "hhes" Some vary so please let me know if your child does not know. See below for login information.



Class code is bel1221



* See sidebar below for login info! There are not specific assignments for this. Your child can just us it as a tool for reading comprehension. When they first sign in they will be required to take a pre-assessment.




How to get students to their assignments

1. Have students go to

2. Students enter class code WJMHNB

3. Tell your students that their default password is 1234


IXL Username and Password

Read Theory Sign in info

Class Schedule

7:25-7:45 Morning Work

7:45-9:15  ELA

9:15-9:55 Activity*

9:55-11:10 Writing

11:10 11:35 Lunch

11:35-11:45 Health

11:45-12:20 Spelling and Language

12:20-1:00 Math

1:00-1:20 Recess

1:20-2:10 Math

2:10- 2:40 Science/ Social Studies

2:40 Dismissal



Activities Schedule

Monday- P.E. *

Tuesday- Art

Wednesday- Computer

Thursday- Library

Friday- Music


*Please have students wear tennis shoes on this day.


About the Teacher


I am so glad that your child will be a part of my class this year! My name is Janet Williams and I have been at Hernando Hills for eight years. I received my Bachelor’s degree in elementary education from Ole Miss and my Masters in education from Mississippi College.  I have been married to my husband Mike for 30 years. I have 3 children. Rebecca, her husband Cody and my granddaughters MyAna and Freya. Jessica, her husband Josh and my grandsons, Alex, Levi, and Koda. Last but not least is my son Jon-Michael. If for any reason you need to get in touch with me you can call or text me at 901-387-9425. I look forward to a wonderful school year.

Class Calendar