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Ms. Lindsey Moses
3rd Grade
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Skill suggestions will be updated each week, but students are always welcome to work other skills as well.  Message me for student log in information if they have forgotten.



Students enter class code GM3XM5

Default password is 1234


ReadWorks Video Tutorial if Needed


Students login and password is MSIS number (aka-lunch and library number). Send me a message if the student has forgotten their number.


Classworks Video Tutorial if Needed


Read Theory

Student login and passwords are the same

-studentfirstname, then hhes, then student class#






There are no specific assignments for this. Your child can just use it as a tool for reading comprehension. 




Laptop or Computer

1.     Go to getepic.com/students.  Or click the link below

2.     Sign in with our class code – wet5165

3.     Select your name and you’re in 

Phone or tablet

1.      Download app

2.     Click on “Have an account? Sign In” then click on “Students & Educators”

3.     Sign in with our class code- wet5165

4.     Select your name and you’re in 


There are no specific assignments for this. Your child can just use it as a tool for reading comprehension.



Students can access Classroom Magazines using a shared class password - toybig5070

Click the link below :)

There are no specific assignments for this. Your child can just use it as a tool for reading comprehension.



website: login.i-ready.com or click the link below

username: first letter of your first name, first letter of your last name, and  lunch number (ex. LM123456)

password: lunch number (ex. 123456)


I-Ready Video Tutorial if Needed

class 3


Assignments for the Week of March 30-April 10

Parents remember this schedule is just to help you pace out the assignments for the week. It also helps to not feel like you have to spend all day working on one assignment. Your student does not have to follow this schedule absolutely and may complete assignments at whatever pace you would like. No work is being graded, but instead monitored. Your child can also be reading, writing, or practicing any skills that have been taught this year.

Please use the links found on your teacher's page to complete your assignments.

Just a Little Extra Fun

Boredom Buster Challenge

Earn 2 dojo points for every challenge completed 



Friday, April 3:

Day 10: Today’s challenge is to do a puzzle...jigsaw, word search, crossword, etc.  Send me a picture of your completed puzzle.  If it is a LARGE jigsaw puzzle you can send me a “puzzle in progress” picture.




Monday: April 6:

Day 11: Build a fort (inside or outside).  If you build inside, use blankets, pillows, and other household items.  If you build outside, use natural materials like logs, rocks, sticks, etc.  Have someone take a picture of you inside your fort to send to me.  Be sure to clean up when you are done.


Tuesday, April 7:

Day 12:  Help cook a meal with a family member.  Set the table and help with clean-up afterwards.  Send me a picture of the meal you helped prepare (bonus point if it includes a protein, grain, and vegetable).


Wednesday, April 8:

Day 13: Get yourself a snack, snuggle up on the couch, and watch a movie today.  Send me a screen shot (picture of your screen) and I will try to guess what movie you watched.


Thursday, April 9:

Day 14: Today is National Unicorn Day!  Write and illustrate a short story about a unicorn that follows you home from school one day.  Send me a picture of your story (bonus point if you READ your story to someone at home).


Friday, April 10:

Day 15: Tomorrow is National Pet Day.  Play with your pet, feed your pet, take your dog for a walk, clean the cat box, etc.  If you don’t have a pet, then play with your favorite stuffed animal.  Send me a picture of you and your pet or stuffy.


class 2

Important Classroom Information

March 30th information 

⁃            I’ve enjoyed seeing the daily Boredom Buster Challenge pictures. 

⁃            I’m also seeing lots of great work being done on IXL, Readworks, Classworks, Epic, and Readtheory. 

⁃            Assignments for this week are on my website. Assignments are listed in a schedule this week. This is only a suggestion. Always remember to choose assignments or a schedule that works best for your kiddo and familyπŸ˜€

⁃            There aren’t any math resources listed on the assignment schedule this week because the district is getting many complaints from parents across the district about teachers sending assignments that have to be printed. 

⁃            Even through there aren’t any listed on the assignment schedule, I decided to send math resources through email this week because MOST of the resources can be looked at on a computer or device, and then the students can solve their problems on paper without the resources being printed. I know the students are still using technology to solve their problems, but these resources are a bit easier to understand than some of the websites. 

⁃            In class, the students usually solve problems from task cards on notebook paper or they write the answers on their desk with expo markersπŸ˜€

⁃             There is a new website called IReady on the assignment schedule this week. I know.... another website to figure out. πŸ˜€I added a video tutorial under website info to help students and you navigate this new website. After playing around with this website on my own, I like it better than Classworks πŸ˜€

⁃            Math workbook page suggestions- Volume 2 533-544 and Practice Test Workbook-3MD1(front and back)

⁃            Students can still­­­­ work on weekly IXL suggestions even if the students have worked on the IXL skills previously

⁃            Students are always welcome to work on other IXL skills or other math workbook pages than the ones suggested each week. 

⁃            At the end of all this craziness, I hope everyone’s “social distancing” experience is full of happy memories and laughter.  

⁃            As always, text me if you need me!


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About the Teacher


Welcome to Miss Moses' 3rd Grade Class
   Hello! My name is Lindsey Moses, and this is my tenth year to teach at Hernando Hills. I am thrilled to be your child’s teacher. We are going to have a fun year full of learning and new adventures. I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for us. I absolutely love teaching, and I am excited about getting to know another group of kiddos. Before I get to know you, I am going to tell you a few things about myself.

     I grew up in Hernando, MS. After I graduated from Hernando High School, I attended The University of Mississippi (Go Rebels). I currently live in Hernando, MS with my very spoiled dog, Bertie. I have two brothers, one sister, and nine nieces and nephews. Family gatherings can be a little crazy sometimes, but I love every minute of them. I love to read, cook, spend time with friends and family, travel, work on Pinterest projects, and decorate my house.

     I hope you had an enjoyable and relaxing summer. We are going to have a wonderful school year. I am very excited about this school year, and I am looking forward to working with each and every one of you.


Miss Moses :)





A few of my favorite things......

Favorite colors: blue and brown or gray and yellow

Favorite season: fall

Favorite food: Japanese and Pizza

Favorite fast food: Chick Fil A

Favorite drinks: coffee, Coke zero, and diet strawberry limeade

Favorite sport: college football

Favorite animals: owls, dogs, and polar bears


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