Pamela Perrett
2nd Grade

About the Teacher

My name is Mrs. Perrett, and I am so excited to be teaching at Hernando Hills.  This is my 19th year to teach, and I absolutely love teaching.  I received my Bachelors of Education Degree from Delta State University, and I am currently pursuing my National Board Certification.  I am married and have two sons.  My older son is also a teacher, and my younger son is a PTA.  My husband is originally from Hernando.

Mrs. Holmes will be working with your students this year also!  She is married and has two children.  Both of her children attend Hernando schools.  This will be Mrs. Holmes 4th year at Hernando Hills, and I am thrilled to have her in our classroom.

Mrs. Holmes and I look forward to meeting and working with each of you.  

Weekly Newsletter   November 18-22, 2019


Reading - We will continue to focus on identifying the central message of a story.  We will also focus on comparing and contrasting stories. We will continue working on identifying the beginning, middle, and end of stories.


dull - not bright, colorful, or shiny; boring, not interesting

solid - hard and firm

mushy - soft and wet like mush

slurp - eat or drink something in a noisy way

numerous - many

recreation - something a person does for pleasure or fun

shelter - a place that protects people or animals from the weather/danger

necessary - needed


Spelling Words:  

rain, way, air, came, move, great, door, poor, more, or, for, short, bear, four, eye, world, wait, main, Monday, eighteen

Language - Our focus will be on irregular past tense verbs.

Social Studies - We will be studying Native American Tribes.

Writing - We will be working on our informative writing piece on Native American tribes.

Math - We will be working on solving one step word problems.  Solving addition and subtraction problems with and without regrouping.  Solving problems using open number lines.



Thanksgiving Holidays November 25 - 29th.

Field trip money is due December 6.

Pink Palace Field trip is December 17th.

Christmas Party will be at 10:00 on December 20th.  All parents are invited.






 Spelling Test

 Math quiz on the week's objectives

 Fact Fluency 

Vocabulary Test