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STEAM Projects!

Here are some videos I've made that show fun and easy steam projects! I hope you enjoy these videos and I will add more very soon! Happy Friday!

This first video is on the water cycle.  Some great questions to ask along with this project are below.

Can you describe the relationship between the water cycle and living things?

How does snow fit into the water cycle process?

Why are places like the desert so dry and the rain forest so wet? How does the water cycle play a role?

https://youtu.be/dysjBDfBC3A  Water Cycle Video 


The next project follows along with the ideas from the water cycle.  It's all about clouds and rain!  So much fun and so simple to do!

Some great questions to ask along with this project are below.

What happens if I use less shaving cream?

What happens if I use more?

How much time do I think it will take to create "rain"?

https://youtu.be/PX8AhTDWWKY How to make rain in a jar!

Update for March 30-April 3rd 

Hi Friends!  I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.  I am missing each and every one of you!  As we continue to spend time at home, I have been thinking a lot about weather and weather patterns.  I will soon be posting videos of cool at home steam projects that focus on weather.  In the meantime here are some videos and resources that I found interesting.

This is a fun lesson from National Geographic 



Love this video about cloud formation!



Another Fun video on thunder and lightning.






Welcome & Announcements

Welcome to spotlight.  I am so excited to have the opportunity to teach your child.  I look forward to helping the students thrive in a creative and unique environment. 



To our phenomenal parents and students,

           You are missed beyond belief and we cannot wait until we can see each other again.  In the meantime I will be here to share fun and interesting ways to keep our students engaged.  As always we will continue to foster a love of learning. 


We will start with an encouraging word from the "kid" President himself:



This series of podcast is wonderful and engaging.  I highly suggest that the students keep a journal to fill with questions they may have or neat ideas they've learned.








Great resource and a nice challenge for students!



In house field trip that the family can enjoy!





About the Teacher
My name is Racheal Otts and I am thrilled to be starting my first year here at Hernando Hills Elementary. I have been teaching for five years in various subjects and environments. The majority of my career has consisted of teaching special education. I am passionate about teaching as well as learning. I obtained my bachelors degree from the University of Mississippi. I am currently pursuing a Masters degree from the University of Arkansas. I am married to an amazing man and we have two beautiful daughters.
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