Teacher and Assistant of the Year

teacher and assistant of the year 2021 2022
teacher of the year 2021 2022

Mrs. Tingle - Special Education

assistant of the year 2021 2022

Mrs. Fiorito - Special Education

It is my honor to announce to you our Teacher of the Year, Mrs. Monica Tingle and our Assistant of the Year, Mrs. Amber Fiorito!

Here are just a few things that the staff had to say about Mrs. Tingle:

"Mrs. Tingle is a phenomenal special education teacher."

"Mrs. Tingle has a heart of an educator with the extra bonus of a special educator.  She draws in students with her bubbly personality and creative thinking."

"She cares for her students growth in all aspects of their lives."

"She is hard-working and always goes above and beyond her job description.  She has great relationships with her students as well as students she doesn't serve."

"She is always working to build relationships with her co-workers and is always willing to lend a hand."


A few accolades for Mrs. Fiorito:

"Mrs. Amber is one of a kind!  She lights up my classroom every day with her bubbly personality and energy.  Every one of my students adores her."

"She is thorough and consistent with anything she is responsible for, and she goes above and beyond what is required for her job responsibilities; Many times, she has stepped in to help me teach, work with students, fix a problem, or just simply be there for me when I needed a helping hand."

"She exemplifies hard work, kindness, and good relationships with the kids."

"She always has a smile on her face."

"Amber has come to Hernando Hills with absolutely no teaching experience and has blown everyone who works with her away!  She is so positive, energetic, and loving towards the children."

"She forms incredible relationships with the students and they all adore her."

"She is a joy to work with day in and day out, and we could not be happier to have her as part of our HHES team!"

There were many more heartwarming statements written about these two individuals. These two ladies are well deserving of the award they are receiving.