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Van Every's  Newsletter

 February 21st-25th 

Our Star Student this week is Ollie!

ELA Skills& Standards: 

Reading:  We will ask and answer who, what, when, why, and how questions to demonstrate understanding about key details in non-fiction texts.( RI2.1)

We will identify the main topic of a multi-paragraph text as well as the focus of the main idea of specific paragraphs within the text. (RI2.2)We will determine the meaning of the words and phrases in a text relevant to a grade RI2.4  We will identify the author’s purpose for writing the text.  RI2.6  We will learn howimages help us understand the text.RI2.7  We will learn how text features help us gain more knowledge about the text. RI2.5

*Writing: We will be writing biographies about Americans(W.2.2).  We will research information(W2.7), revise our rough drafts(w.2.5), produce and publish our writings (W2.6), and share our writing(W2.8).


Grammar:Students will use adjectives and adverbs appropriately
















Vocabulary: These vocabulary words chosen will be ‘Academic Vocabulary’ terms.  These are words that are frequently used when learning about certain standards and words that are frequently used in discussion, on practice, and on assessments. Be sure to practice both the definition AND the word recognition of these words (treat them like sight words)

New Words: how things are alike

2.contrast- finding how things are different

3.central message–the lesson or moral of the story.

4.similarity-being alike in some ways

5.difference- the way things are not alike

6.determine: to decide on something by using the other

               information given​

7.recount: to retell about a story or event​

8.key details: smaller pieces of information that help

                 explain or prove a larger event​

9.evidence- proof to show that something is true or correct

10.phrase-a group of words that adds meaning to a sentence


Math:  We will learn to measure using inches, centimeters, feet, and meters.  We will compare measurements and solve word problems with measurement.

We will take a test on measurement!

 Fluency subtraction quiz!


Spelling Test on Thursday


The next Reading Comprehension Test will be on Friday, February 25th!


Our next vocabulary test will be on Friday, February 25th!

We will be working on our biography writing piece.







*Please make sure your child wears tennis shoes on Friday, so they are able to participate in PE!

Dear Parents,        I want to say Thank you so much for all the birthday happies and Valentines!  Mrs. Rueschhoff and I felt so loved!!

2/21 President’s Day Holiday!

2/23 National Comfy Day! 

 3/3 @ 6p.m.

    ART at The  


  3/4 –Positive


  Reward- You get to watch the Principals Sumo Wrestle.

3/14-3/18 Spring  Break!

*Please leave the yellow username & password sheet in the plastic sleeve in your child’s red daily folder. I will add more passwords to this sheet over the  next few weeks




*Activity Schedule-

Monday- Art




Friday-P.E. (*Wear Tennis Shoes!)


· School lunch is now free for all students through this semester.
· Breakfast is free for all students this year!

·No checkouts after 2:00.


I will use School Status to communicate via text.

About the Teacher


   My name is Abby Van Every.  I am a 2nd grade teacher at Hernando Hills.  I am originally from Senatobia, MS.  I graduated from Senatobia High School.  I attended most of my college career at Northwest and Delta State.  My family and I moved to Hernando in December of 2000 when my husband took a job with the DeSoto Times.  I graduated from the University of Mississippi with my BA in Elementary Education in the spring of 2004.  My first job was teaching 1st grade at Hernando Elementary.

   I have 12 years of teaching experience in the classroom and 2 years experience working with TST (Teacher Support Team).  I have taught 4 years in first grade, 3 years in kindergarten, and 5 years in 2nd grade.  This is my fifth year to teach second grade  and I couldn't be more excited!  DeSoto County Schools are outstanding schools!  I believe strongly in the Hernando Hills mission: "No Excuses, Just Excellence."  

    My husband, Marcus, and I have 3 sons.  We live in Hernando.  Easton is 22 and recently graduated with an electrical engineering degree and got married.    Vance is 20 and attends Northwest Community College and plays football for the NW Rangers. Our youngest son, Jordan is 13 and attends Hernando Middle School.  My family calls Hernando our hometown and it holds a special place in our hearts.  

     I look forward to teaching your child this school year.  I believe every child can and should learn to achieve his or her goals to be the best they can be.  Education opens doors of opportunity for individuals and their community.  I take educating your child serious and with a desire to help them reach their full potential.  Please contact me if you ever have any concerns or questions.  I look forward to working with you and your child to provide the best educational experience possible.  

Education: Bachelor Degree  

Elementary Education, University of Mississippi 2004


2nd Grade Teacher at Hernando Hills, Hernando, MS- August 2016- present

 Kindergarten Teacher at Tunica Academy, Tunica, Miss. - August 2013 - May 2015

Teacher Support Team (TST) Hernando Elementary School, Hernando, Miss. — August 2008 - May 2010

First Grade Teacher Hernando Elementary School, Hernando, Miss. — August 2004 - July 2008

Important Dates & Information:      

*Doors open at 7:10a.m.

*Tardy Bell 7:45 a.m.

*Dismissal 2:40 p.m.

*wear Tennis Shoes for P.E. every Friday!

*2nd grade fees are  

Please make checks payable to Hernando Hills Elementary.

Please make sure your phone number is on the check.

*No early checkouts after 2:00.


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