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Jungle Book Announcement


Dear Parents & Students,


It is with a heavy heart that I announce the cancellation of our show, The Jungle Book.  In all my years of theatre, this is a first. However, it is something that theatre productions around the world are experiencing together.  Even when looking at a possible postponement, the idea of inviting 900 plus people into a confined space for three days of performances goes against everything we are being counseled and cautioned to do right now. This pandemic has taught me that sometimes our personal sacrifice is required to ensure our long-term freedoms. 

 Sweet kiddos, I understand that this news will come with tender feelings because of all the hard work, the excitement, and the anticipation surrounding our production.  I feel it too.  Parents, please give your children hugs and high fives congratulating them for getting their parts and working so hard.  I am so very proud of them and though their audience was small and comprised mostly of their teachers during rehearsals, I can testify to their talent and growth.  Please know that I will be working on a plan to celebrate our production when we return so that the show can go on in some small way. I send my love and wishes for everyone’s health and safety and look forward to seeing everyone soon.


All my best,

Mrs. Weiss

Notes from the Music Room

I miss each one of you so very much!  I hope you are taking this opportunity to have fun with your families, get some fresh air outside, create something & listen to lots of great music!!!

I will post a daily music experience for us to share.  Even though we're apart, we can still jam together! Stay safe & know that you are loved.


Mrs. Weiss

Movement Monday

Let's get moving!  Watch Vivaldi's Winter Animated

  •  Notice when the notes go up the scale (ascending) and down the scale (descending).
  • Now, grab a scarf, pillowcase, blanket, shoelace or anything you have on hand.
  • Time to dance like no one is watching. Listen to Vivaldi's "Winter" again but this time, let the music move your body. When the music ascends your scarf might be high in the air.  When it descends, it may be low to the ground.  Don't forget to listen for dynamics and rhythms to give you some movement ideas.  The sky's the limit! 

Terrific Composer Tuesday

Watch and listen to one of my favorite mystery books about composers!

The Composer is Dead by Lemony Snicket

How many composers did you count?

Who killed the Composer?

Words & Music Wednesday

                   Listen -The Dance of the Violin

  • Joshua Bell is now a very famous violinist!
  • How did Joshua persevere? 
  • Do you Remember Hearing Joshua Bell perform Vivaldi's Summer in our classroom? Take a listen...

                  Listen - Joshua Bell- Vivaldi's Summer



Theory Thursday 

Today, we're going to learn about the Treble Clef and the names of the notes on the spaces and lines.

         Watch: Treble Clef Spaces - FACE

                    Treble Clef Lines - Every Good Boy Does FIne

         Play: Music Play Online                        

     Musicplayonline logo


Music Play Online is a GREAT resource for music learning!  They have offered free access to students for a limited time! Click on the link above to be directed to the website. 

Username: snow           Password:  2020

          Game - Treble Clef


Field trip Friday

Time to use our imaginations! 

Disney World may be closed for a bit but we can still be transported there with music.  So put on your sunglasses & summer clothes (Mickey ears optional) and enjoy listening to Kaboom Percussion's creative take on Disney Music! 

Disney Medley on Plastic Bottles


Bragging rights if you create your own plastic bottle symphony.

Timbre Tigers Choir

Thanks for those that were able to ZOOM with us!!! It was wonderful to hear your voices and see your sweet faces.  I miss you!

Next sing-a-long TBA

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 2019-2020 Performance Dates


Monday, May 4                 Event: After school rehearsal to prepare for choir performance

Time:  2:45pm – 4:30 pm




Thursday, May 7              Event:  Choir Performance

                                                Who:  Choir Students

                                                        Family & Friends invited to attend

                                                Time:  Arrive @6:00 pm / Performance @ 6:30 pm





Tiny Strings

Image result for ukulele clip art


Group play-a-long to be announced soon for those with ukes at home.  Look for your Remind for details.  I miss making music with all you amazing kiddos!!!




*Thursday, May 7th       6pm                         End of the Year Tiny Strings and Choir Concert

Image result for ukulele clip art



About the Teacher

I am excited to be teaching Music at HHES! Music has always been one of my first loves.  I received my B.F.A in Musical Theatre from East Carolina University in Greenville, NC.  I have enjoyed a diverse career singing, acting, and dancing on stage professionally as well as on a community level all over the U.S.; including New York, Massachusetts, Arizona, Florida, New Mexico, Ohio, and now Mississippi. Since moving to DeSoto County ten years ago, I have had the privilege of performing with DeSoto Family Theatre and Kudzu Playhouse.  Additionally, I have directed numerous Allie nominated productions for Kudzu Playhouse as well as summer camp for DeSoto Family Theatre.

 My family and I, comprised of my husband Victor, Max age 17, Graham age 14, and Grey age 10, are Southerners by choice and have adopted Hernando as home. We love to travel the world and make every opportunity to chase adventure at home and abroad. I am an avid reader, amateur baker, professional taco eater, enthusiastic gardener, and HGTV buff.

I know that your children and I will have a fantastic year learning to play the ukulele, experiencing different genres of music,auditioning and  participating in the choir, performing for you on stage,and deepening their love of music.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions, comments, concerns, or kudos. Together, I am confident that we will have a tremendous year!


All my best,

Alayna Weiss

2019-2020 Season Announcement

2ND Grade Musical


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Remind 101/Tiny Strings
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