Mrs. Jodie Kaye Waldheim
2nd Grade
662-429-9117 ext 1306

About the Teacher

Hello! My name is Jodie Kaye Waldheim, and I'm a second grade teacher at Hernando Hills Elementary School. I received my Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education from The University of Mississippi (Hotty Toddy!). I have just recently graduated with my Master's Degree in Education through Mississippi College! My hobbies include being outdoors, traveling with my family (WE LOVE DISNEY), exercising, and arts & crafts!

This is my 8th year teaching at HHES, and it is my 11th year as an employee at HHES! I am married to Justin Waldheim. We will be married for 7 years in November! We have a little girl named Charlie Ann, and she will turn 4 in September! Also, we have our sweet furbaby named Jake. He is a 6 year old yellow lab that we love dearly! Justin and I currently reside in Olive Branch. 

I look forward to a great year with you all!

Class Schedule

7:45-9:15             ELA (90) 

9:15-9:55             Activity 

9:55-11:10           ELA (75)

11:10-11:35         Lunch

11:35-11:45         Health (10)

11:4o-12:20         ELA/Spelling (35)

12:20-1:00           Math (40)

1:00-1:20             Recess

1:20-2:10             Math (50)

2:10-2:40             Sci./S.S.  (30)



Activity 9:15-9:55

•Monday- Music

•Tuesday- P.E.

•Wednesday- Art

•Thursday- Computer

•Friday- Library





Reading & Writing: We begin a new unit- Traditions! It is filled with folktales, Indian tribes, and holidays around the world!

*Compare & contrast similar versions of the same story; compare/contrast characters in a story

*Identify and retell the beginning, middle, and end of a text;   ask/answer questions about a text *test 11/15


Verbs-action verbs 




-Skip-counting with 1,000 by 2s, 5s, and 10s.

-Mentally add/sub 10 and 100

*quiz 11/8

-Compare 3 digit numbers using <,>, or = (review)

-Math fact fluency timed quiz- These average into one grade at the end of the 9 weeks. *quiz 11/8


Spelling Words 

*test 11/8

part, far, think, same, friend, give, live, front, girl, her, each, turn, gone, word, sure, work, large, sea, climb, none,

Reminder: Students are expected to create 2 sentences on the test. They have to have at least 5 words, correct cap/punctuation, and all words spelled correctly to get credit.

Vocabulary Words!!

*test 11/8 

1. gobble- to eat very quickly without chewing it very much

2. rude- not polite

3. dash- run very quickly

4. approach- move closer to someone or something

5. plenty- a lot of something

6. fragrant- having a

pleasant smell

7. usual-normal, happens

often or every day

8. unusual- not

normal or common,

is not seen often

Content Reading Vocabulary ‚Äč

Unit 3- Traditions 

folktale- old story that's been told again and again,

often for generations

famine- a shortage of food

weary- exhausted or showing tiredness

legend- story from the past that is similar to a 

folktale with unknown accuracy

tribe- a group of people who share a common language, ancestry, and culture


Classroom Donations:

We appreciate all donations. We are always in need of…

CANDY and PRIZES for the “cauldron”!!!


Important Information: 

*November 5th – no school for students

*November 11-15th - No lunch visitors

*November 22nd- Scholastic orders due for Nov.

*November 25-29th- Thanksgiving break

*December 6th-  Christmas Around the World at the Hills *6-8pm

*December 20th- Christmas party at 10am

*Dec. 23-Jan. 5th- Christmas break


November Birthdays!

Landon- 30th





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Common Core Standards

Follow this link to see the standards for ELA (Language Arts) and Math! :) 

IXL Math 


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