Mrs. Madilyn Laster Donovan

2nd Grade

662-429-9117 ext 1306

About Your Teacher


I graduated from Senatobia High School and Delta State University.

I received my National Board Certification in 2010.

I received my National Board Renewal Certification in 2019.

I have been teaching for 16 1/2 years.

My students and parents are very important to me. I believe it takes all of us working together for success! I love sports and spending time with my son, Maximus. I also enjoy attending Memphis Tiger Basketball games with my husband, Mr. Justin.

Mrs. Donovan’s Weekly Newsletter

August 23rd – 27th         


Standards: Ask and answer questions such as who, what, when, why and how to determine understanding of key details in a text (RL.2.1) and Determine the central message, lesson, or moral of fables and folktales (RL.2.2)

Vocabulary Words

*Vocabulary Book: McDuff Moves In: tumble-fall and roll over and over swirl-move in a circle compassionate-kind to a person or animal that is suffering or unhappy content-happy

*Vocabulary Book: Sheila Rae, The Brave: fearless-brave fearful-afraid  familiar-well known and easy to recognize convince-make someone believe or do something

Tests: Reading Comprehension Test One-Friday (8/27/21)

Language and Writing

Standards:  Nouns and Verbs (L.2.1) and Narrative Writing (W.2.3)

Tests: Language Test-Thursday (8/26/21)

Spelling Words-Word List 2

Words for the Week: just,tax,drift,let,pest,red,spot,snap,man,trip,fad,twig,me, flat,cut,stop,rot,fed,sled,strap

Tests: Practice Test-Wednesday (8/25/21) and Final Test-Friday (8/27/21)


Standards: Basic Addition for numbers 0-20 (2.OA.2) and Understand Place Value of 2-digit numbers (2.NBT.1) and Read and write numbers to 100 (2.NBT.3)

Tests: Fact Fluency Quiz (addition)-Tuesday & Thursday and Math Quiz-Wednesday (8/25/21)


* Please initial the checkmark on behavior logs daily.

*HHES PTA Fundraiser (Charleston Wrap)-8/20/21 to 913/21

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