Mrs. Madilyn Laster Donovan
2nd Grade

Mrs. Donovan’s Weekly Newsletter


11th – 15th  


Standards: Determine the Central Message, Moral, or Lesson (RL.2.2) and Compare and Contrast Folktales (RL.2.9)

Vocabulary Words: dull-not bright,colorful,shiny or boring, not interesting or exciting solid-hard and firm mushy-soft and wet like mush slurp-eat or drink in a noisy way

Review Vocabulary Words: NONE

Tests: Reading Comprehension Test Three-Friday



Standards: Journal Writing, Informative Writing, and Nouns

Tests: Noun Test-Friday


Guided Spelling-

Pattern (or)

Words for the Week: or,more,short,for,four,bear,world,eye,far,part,same,think, give,friend,front,live (2),horse,store,prove,fourth

Tests: Practice Test-Wednesday and Final Test-Friday         

NOTE: Sentences are now counted as part of the spelling test!



Standards: Subtraction Fact Fluency (2.OA.2) and Skip Counting (2.NBT.2) and Mentally(+/-) 10 or 100 from a number (2.NBT.8)

Tests: Fact Fluency Quiz and Math Quiz-Friday



*Please Sign Trackers and Check Homework for Accuracy Daily

*No Lunch Visitors-November 11th – 15th-Due to 3rd grade Musical

*3rd Grade Musical-Thursday, 6:00 pm and 7:30 pm  Friday-6:00 p.m.

*Progress Reports-Tuesday, November 12th

*PJ/Hat Day-Friday, November 22nd

662-429-9117 ext 1306

About the Teacher


I graduated from Senatobia High School and Delta State University.

I received my National Board Certification in 2010.

I have been teaching for 14 1/2 years.

My students and parents are very important to me. I believe it takes all of us working together for success! I love sports and spending time with my baby boy, Max. I also enjoy attending Memphis Tiger Basketball games with my husband, Mr. Justin.

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