HHES Parent of the Year

Jodi Plunk

Mrs Plunk Parent of the Year



Mrs. Jodi Plunk is the HHES Parent of the Year for the 2020-2021 school year. She has been such an amazing asset to our school. Mrs Michael approached her with several requests regarding teacher emotional wellness, and without a hesitation she agreed to help. With Mrs. Plunk's assistance, we have been able to do many things for our teachers including creating an inviting space for teachers to work and arranging special treats for staff members. She continually ensures that our teachers feel valued for the important work that they do.

Mrs. Plunk has been resourceful when trying to help students and staff navigate this unusual year. She approached Mrs. Michael with alternatives to Christmas at The Hills which not only made it possible to have an event, but it also made the event more accessible to all students. She wanted to provide Santa, crafts, and treats during the school day so that no student was left out of the fun. Her heart is certainly one of service, and she is passionate about student equity.

When Mrs. Plunk learned that our recess schedule had to be modified to accommodate COVID protocol, and not all students would get time on the playground each day, she came up with ideas for making recess fun in all locations. Thanks to the PTA, students have multiple play areas around the campus that include soccer goals, a basketball goal, and ring toss games.

As PTA president, Mrs. Plunk has created alternative ways of meeting, fundraising, and serving our school. She has been respectful of our Covid protocol and an advocate among parents for the work that we are trying to do under such circumstances.

HHES is grateful to have a parent that cares as much for the school and community as much as Jodi Plunk does.  Please join us in thanking her for all she does for our students and staff!